Patios of natural or man-made products increase the living space of your home.  We pride ourselves on our ability to design and execute stone, masonry, tile or concrete work of any scope or complexity.

Pools, Poolscapes and Water Features

Having a custom water feature or pool on your property means that with just a few steps from your house to your yard you can escape to a quiet place and recharge.  Earth, Turf & Blooms will design your entire project including the pool and surrounding landscapes.

Outdoor Kitchens

Custom outdoor kitchens and fireplaces afford your family a wonderful gathering and entertaining area.  Earth, Turf and Blooms will deliver a complete outdoor recreation area that will perform perfectly and stand the test of time.

Fire Pits

There is something about sitting around a fire that almost defies words. Watching the flames is hypnotic. Putting one into a trance-like frame of mind. Staring at a fire and feeling its warmth lowers blood pressure, promotes relaxation and inspires meaningful conversation.

Retaining Walls

Beauty with purpose. Very often the natural landscape needs to be redirected and reinforced by a retaining wall. Whether it be to create a patio area, build a walkway into a hillside or support the base for a pool, retaining walls must be properly engineered and constructed. Short-cuts are never taken when ETB designs a retaining wall. You can expect that the wall, big or small will last for generations.


A front walkway invites your guests to your home. Long or short, the walkway will be the focal point of your front landscape. Behind your home a walkway tempts one to explore the property. To follow a path and see where it leads you. Pathways organize your outdoor space and define the various recreational areas.

Custom Driveway Gates

Earth, Turf & Blooms works closely with one of the premier iron and metal fabricators in the area. A driveway gate adds a layer of protection to your property. Pairing the impeccable stone work of ETB with a custom gate will add value, privacy and sophistication to your home.

Interior Work

Earth, Turf & Blooms masonry work is not limited to outside projects. We have completed intricate stone and brick work in kitchens, family rooms and more. We offer the same attention to detail and quality work to our interior jobs as we do our exterior work.